22 days of Space Pals!


👽 Pixel 👾's! Matic Space Pals is a collection of NFTs - Out of this world, hear our transmission! 🛸🌌🌙. Exclusively on the Polygon Network.


New drops of Matic Space Pals will be released over the course of 22 days, with 10 Pals being listed per day begining November 20, 2021 and final listings on December 12, 2021.. We will be minting up to a maximum of 223 Matic Space Pals. 1 Genesis x1 NFT 221 Matic Space Pals. x22 NFTs per drop, #7 x777 #22 x1000 #77 x77 for a total of 6694 Matic Space Pals!!! Collection will be showcasing many differant colors, and props! Collect them on the Polygon/Matic BlockChain, found exclusively at OpenSea!
Donate $77 to the GoFundMe for Space Pal #7 and access to the 777 Club, and donate $250 to the GoFundMe for Space Pal #77 for access to the SuperHero and 777 Club. Drop your address in the GoFundMe comments after donation competes.


Collect a Matic Space Pal today and blast off with us to another planet!



Launch - 11/20/2021
Community Growth AIRDROP
Collaborations with Community Artists
Begin Community Giveaways
25% SOLD
Explore Options For Merchandise
50% SOLD
 Direct donation to the family of Christina Perez
 Announce Community Fund
Vote on Benefits
Bolster Established Community Fund
75% SOLD
AIRDROP - Matic Space Pets (4 Ranks/Pets x 1 Legendary Rank=4 Ranks )
Announce ROADMAP 2.0
90% SOLD
AIRDROP - Remaining MSP Wizards


100% SOLD
AIRDROP - UFO (distributed to top 3 MSP owners)
 Begin ROADMAP 2.0



Our Purpose

Matic Space Pals are dedicated to giving back to those in need and establishing programs to expand our impact reach. 
One of the projects that we are supporting currently is to benefit the family of Christina Perez, who psssed away suddenly in Decatur, TX on October 27, 2021, leaving behind 2 teenagers and many unanswered questions.. Christina's sister Crystal Gutierrez informed ChiefHWB about this shortly after and we then began working on Matic Space Pals.
Matic Space Pals will match the GoFundMe goal of $10k, then 10% of total sales and 10% royalties will be voted on by the community for use from the Community Fund. 
For those who cannot make contributions via NFT purchase, you can make a donation to the GoFundMe for Christina's funeral services and to secure housing for the children. 

Our Friends

Our Friends

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